Were you mis-sold a pension by Lincoln Financial Group?

10 Jun 2021, Posted by admin in Latest News

If you have ever had an pension with Lincoln Financial Group then you could potentially make a claim for mis-selling and receive compensation as a result. Mis-selling of pensions has become a serious problem in the UK and significant levels of mis-selling have originated with Lincoln Financial Group. These cases tend to arise where people have been misinformed about the decision they are making and proper care and attention has not been taken when it comes to ensuring that the policy being bought is the right one. But how do you know if you were mis-sold a pension by Lincoln Financial Group?

Lincoln Financial Group mis-selling

Advisors must make sure that when they are selling something like a pension that this is being done in accordance with the rules. So, how can you work out if you were mis-sold a pension by the Lincoln Financial Group or not?

  • You had different expectations. If you were led to believe that you were going to get a much larger return on your pension than turned out to be the case then there may have been mis-selling. It’s essential that when you’re sold a pension policy you are very clear on what the returns are likely to be.
  • You didn’t realise that you were being exposed to risk. Different pensions carry a different level of risk and it’s vital that anyone buying a policy is very clear on what those risks are. If you weren’t told of the risks attached to the pension that you were buying from Lincoln Financial Group then you may have been the victim of mis-selling.
  • Your appetite for risk was ignored. Your advisor should have checked how comfortable you were with risk and made sure that you were putting your money into an pension with an appropriate risk level. If you didn’t ask for your cash to be invested in the way it has been – a way that is much riskier than you realised or were comfortable with – then your pension may have been mis-sold.
  • The performance of the pension was over exaggerated. If you believed, as a result of what you were told, that you were going to see a much higher return on your pension investment than is actually the case then this is also a sign of mis-selling. Being told that your pension would perform at a much higher level than is happening in reality is a clear sign that something is not right.

Pension mis-selling can have serious consequences for anyone who is a victim of it, including a loss of value and future income. If this applies to you then acting quickly to make a claim from Lincoln Financial Group could help you to ensure that you don’t suffer long term loss and are able to get compensation for the mis-selling.

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