Compensation claims against the MI Group (Merchant Investors) & Lincoln Financial Group


TTP-Financial Compensation is a claims management provider authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) that specialises in claims against two firms: The MI Group (now owned by and trading as Sanlam) and Lincoln Financial Group (now owned by and trading as Sun Life Financial of Canada – SLFC).

We have over 15 years’ experience claiming against the two firms and provide a genuine ‘no win no fee’ service. Our being 25% plus VAT of any redress offer secured and deemed acceptable by clients.


MI Group Savings Plans MI Group Protection Products MI Group Pension Products
Maximum Investment Plans Permanent Protection Plans Transfers from employer’s schemes
Money Programmes Income Protection Plans Free Standing Additional
Voluntary Contributions (FSAVCs)
Capital Programmes Disability Protection Plans
Mortgage Endowments


Since we are discussing events from many years ago, we do not expect clients to have policy details. Clients simply need to know that they had dealings with the firm and we will do the rest:

    1. We will make enquiries of the firm. The firm should be able to locate policy details by cross referencing clients’ names with the dates of birth.
    2. We will establish if a claim is possible. In essence we will cross the advice paperwork at point of sale with the regulatory requirements of correct advice at the time. If the two don’t stack up, a claim may be possible.
    3. If a claim is possible, we will endeavour to secure the best outcome for clients. Clearly the more we secure for clients, the more we secure for ourselves.

If you’ve been mis-sold any of the above savings products from the MI Group (Merchants Investors), contact us today to find out how we can help…