Can I claim compensation from Lincoln financial group?

11 Mar 2021, Posted by admin in Latest News

If you have received poor advice about your pension from Lincoln Financial Group then you may be able to claim compensation. When poor advice has been given, you are entitled to make a claim. It’s already been established that thousands of people have been mis-sold pensions by Lincoln Financial Group – if you are one of those people then you can start making a claim today.

Why can I claim compensation from Lincoln Financial Group?

If Lincoln Financial Group gave you unsuitable advice about your pension then this is the kind of advice for which you can claim compensation. There are rules and regulations about giving advice for something as vital as a pension and it’s important that this is done properly and, naturally, with your best interests in mind. Where this isn’t the case then it could be deemed mis-selling, which is something you can claim compensation for.

How do I know if I can claim compensation for pension mis-selling?

If the advice you were given was confusing or unclear or the advisor didn’t take enough time to establish your personal circumstances, for example if you have health issues, then this is a sign of mis-selling. You’ll know if you can possibly make a claim for pension mis-selling if any of the following seem to be familiar:

  • You were told to transfer into a private pension scheme. If an advisor from Lincoln Financial Group told you that you should transfer a workplace pension into a private pension this could be poor advice for which you can get compensation.
  • You were sold a new pension without being entirely clear on how it would work, especially in comparison to the pension you already have. You should be given very detailed information about a new pension before you sign up for anything, including the benefits and disadvantages and whether it’s a better option than your current pension scheme. If you were sold a new pension with only vague details provided and none of the disadvantages highlighted, for example, you may be able to make a pension mis-selling claim.
  • You moved jobs but weren’t given the option of a workplace pension. If your advisor told you that your only option was to transfer an existing workplace pension into a private pension then you could have been mis-sold the new pension. It’s always an option to transfer your workplace pension into a private scheme but if you weren’t told that you could transfer it into a new workplace scheme, especially if this would have been more beneficial for you, then the pension is possibly mis-sold.


If your pension has been mis-sold then you can claim compensation from Lincoln Financial Group. To find out more about financial misselling from Lincoln Financial Group refer to our website…

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