Why should I choose TTP Financial?


Why should I choose TTP Financial?

11 Feb 2021, Posted by admin in Latest News

Financial mis-selling is a serious problem in the UK. Poor advice relating to sales of financial services products that simply weren’t right for individual consumers has left many people in challenging circumstances and with financial products that aren’t appropriate. If you were sold a life, savings or FSAVC pension, or advised to transfer a previous employer’s pension benefits to an insurance company between 1988 and 1996, there is a possibility that you could be due compensation. So, why should you choose TTP Financial to help ensure that you get the best outcome?

What does TTP Financial do?

The business has a dedicated team who are focused on reviewing advice that has been provided to individuals with respect to the sale of financial services products, such as pensions. Whoever takes the initial call or responds to the initial email takes ownership of the enquiry. Only a competent claim handler with deal with enquiries.  If you believe that you’ve been given advice that possibly amounts to mis-selling we’ll review the details of the transaction to establish whether that is the case. If it is then we will act on your behalf to work to secure compensation for that inappropriate advice. TTP Financial doesn’t require policy details to commence the process; clients simply need to know that they had dealings with the firms that they have concerns about.

A business built on good name

TTP Financial has now reached the point where it is advertising nationally, however, the business has origins that are built on individual connections. In the early years our clients mostly came from referrals from professional introducers, predominantly Independent Financial Advisors. The company has been built on this kind of individual recommendation and ensuring we sustain a sound reputation through word of mouth reviews from those who have had a positive experience remains key. In the 14 years that the firm has been authorised, it has only received two complaints both of which were subsequently withdrawn when reviewed by the regulator. How many firms can claim to have an entirely clean complaints record?

Clear and transparent

If you choose TTP Financial to deal with your mis-selling claim, whether that relates to savings or pensions policies, you will know where you stand from the start. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent when it comes to costs and that means no hidden fees. Our documents are designed to be concise and easy to understand so that you are always clear on what you’re signing up for.

No win, no fee

If we take on your case and are not eventually successful then there is no fee to pay – we genuinely work on a no win, no fee basis. If a claim is successfully made then our fee is 25% of the amount secured and accepted by our clients. This does not include VAT – the total fee percentage including VAT is 30% of the final compensation amount secured.

A genuinely holistic approach

We have often found that where there has been mis-selling of one financial product there is likely to be mis-selling of others too. So, we offer a free audit of your financial portfolio so that you can be sure that no claims for mis-selling are missed. Where we find the potential for more than one claim we can work on your behalf to manage all of them.

From a small, referrals based business TTP Financial has grown into a high profile successful claims management provider, advertising both on national radio, LBC and national press: The Times, The Guardian, The Mail and the Express.

It is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, and supports clients across the country in financial product mis-selling claims. Contact us today to discuss your options regarding financial misselling…

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